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2.3 Other operating income
Accounting policies
Other operating income includes income other than that associated with the sale of goods or services, such as lease income, store site and chain fees and various other service fees and commissions. Other operating income also includes gains on the disposal of property, plant and equipment and intangible assets as well as gains on disposal of businesses and realised and unrealised gains on derivatives used for hedging foreign currency risks associated with commercial transactions.
€ million 2017 2016
Income from services 550.4 535.3
Lease income 40.4 41.9
Gains on disposal of property, plant, equipment and intangible assets 54.3 3.3
Gains on disposal of businesses 32.6 0.6
Realised gains on derivative contracts and changes in fair value 2.2 5.2
Others 111.0 112.7
Total 790.9 699.0
Income from services mainly comprises chain and store site fees paid by chain companies.
Other operating income includes €86.6 million (€1.8 million) of items affecting comparability. More information on items affecting comparability is presented in note 2.2.