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Note 22. Cash and cash equivalents within the statement of cash flows
€ million 2017 2016
Available-for-sale financial assets 34.0 58.5
Cash and cash equivalents 75.2 48.1
Total 109.2 106.6
In the statement of cash flows, cash and cash equivalents includes those recognised in the balance sheet and portions of available-for-sale financial assets with maturities of less than three months from acquisition.
Note 23. Related parties
Kesko Corporation's related parties include the company's management (the Board of Directors, the President and CEO and the Group Management Board), companies controlled by them, subsidiaries, associates, joint ventures and Kesko Pension Fund. The subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures are listed in a separate note in the consolidated financial statements (note 5.2).
Some members of the Kesko Board are K-retailers. Kesko Corporation sells goods and services to companies controlled by them. Goods and services have been sold to related parties on normal market terms and conditions and at market prices.