Materiality assessment

The materiality assessment of Kesko’s corporate responsibility identifies the key responsibility topics for Kesko and its stakeholders. The materiality assessment guides Kesko’s corporate responsibility work and stakeholder work and defines actions to meet stakeholder expectations.

Kesko’s material corporate responsibility topics are presented in the matrix below, where the vertical axis shows the level of concern for stakeholders and the horizontal axis the current or potential economic, environmental or social impact of Kesko's operations. The level of concern for stakeholders has been assessed as a whole, which is why the stakeholder specific weightings are not reflected in the matrix.

The materiality assessment was last updated in 2012. In 2017, the material topics for reporting were defined in compliance with the requirements of the new GRI standards. The identified topics are included in Kesko’s current materiality assessment, and no need was seen to update the materiality matrix.

Materiality matrix